Carrier Ductless Split Unit

Carrier Infinity Ductless Unit

In in the Great Lakes Region, one can avoid going through the mess and hassle of installing a central A/C unit and its supporting duct work by installing a ductless air conditioning system. Ductless systems are just that—air conditioner systems that do not require duct work, saving on installation costs. Additionally, ductless units can both heat and cool your space! No duct work, and you get a heater and an air conditioner in one! Ductless units make a great option not only for heating an entire area, but can also be used to control the temperature in a specific area of the space, such as a small office, addition, or server room.

The Carrier Ductless System uses variable-speed inverter technology. This allows the unit to operate at variable speeds and outputs, providing excellent efficiency, while providing superb comfort. Variable-speed inverters minimize the amount of energy output required to reach a desired temperature in the space. Because of this efficiency, the inverter technology helps to save money on energy costs. Additionally, since there’s no duct work, there is no need for painting, patching, or configuring the unit, saving on installation and maintenance costs.


Carrier Infinity Multi-Head

Carrier Infinity Multi-Head Ductless Unit


An example of the ductless product is the Carrier Infinity Series 38/40 GRQ ductless unit. This model can provide heating and cooling. The unit is capable of providing heat when outside temps are as low as -22°F. Additionally, the unit can providing cooling when outside temps are up to 129°F ! The unit provides heating and cooling performance without making much sound. The video below demonstrates how a ductless system works.





How quiet is this unit? The average whisper from 6 feet away typically makes 30 decibels of sound. This unit operates at only 26 decibels, so it is makes less noise than a whisper! In addition to the quiet operation, these units feature a dehumidification mode, removing the moisture from the air and further optimizing the quality of comfort in your space. They also have a wireless remote control, and you can even control them with your smartphone or tablet!

Ductless AC systems provide outstanding performance, robust features, and have a fraction of the installation and maintenance cost of standard heating and cooling units. We are proud to be partnered with many trained and certified Ductless AC Carrier dealers in Michigan and Ohio. To find a dealer closest to you, please click on our dealer locator located here.

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