Carrier Rooftop Palace

Carrier Rooftop being Installed at a jobsite

Carrier has a robust lineup of packaged rooftop units to fit any application. These Carrier Rooftop units are available in gas heat/electric cooling, electric heating/electric cooling, and heat pump so you’re covered no matter what you have available in your building. With their multi-tiered product offering Carrier is the best solution around for any retrofit, replacement, or new construction project. These units are easy to install and are field-convertible to horizontal air flow which makes them easier to adjust to unexpected job site conditions, as opposed to other manufacturers in the industry. Below are some of the featured Carrier rooftop lineups.





 Single-Packaged Rooftop Ultra-High Efficiency.

Gas Heating / Electric Cooling Units
Puron® (R-410A) Refrigerant

3 To 23 Nominal Tons

48LC WEATHEREXPERT™ rooftop units were designed by customers for customers. They are Carrier’s most efficient commercial packaged rooftop ever produced and have the industry’s highest IEER’s available. The multi stage cooling compressor logic with Carrier’s Staged Air Volume (SAV™) system allows for added comfort, energy savings and humidity control. The unit is ideal for single zone variable air volume capability. Units are pre-wired and pre-charged with environmentally sound Puron® (R-410A) refrigerant at the factory. The units are factory tested in both heating and cooling modes.carrier-48TC-rooftop-1-md



Single-Packaged Rooftop Standard Efficiency.
Gas Heating/Electric Cooling
Puron® (R-410A) Refrigerant
3 to 27.5 Nominal Tons


48TC WEATHERMAKER® rooftop units were designed by customers for customers. With a gauge plug, centralized control center, plug & play accessory board, “no-strip screw” collars, and handled access panels, we’ve made the unit easy to install, easy to maintain, and easy to use. Units are pre-wired and pre-charged with environmentally sound Puron® (R-410A) refrigerant at the factory. The units are factory tested in both heating and cooling modes.


rooftop-humidimizerThe Humidi-MiZer adaptive dehumidification system is an all-inclusive, factory-installed option that offers a cost-effective, flexible and high-performance solution to consistently maintain year-round indoor comfort and humidity levels.

Providing up to 35 percent more moisture removal than typical conventional hot-gas reheat systems, the Humidi-MiZer system is also better able to adapt to peak-load and part-load conditions.

In addition, the Humidi-MiZer system can boost the latent capacity of a standard rooftop unit by up to 40 percent in the sub-cooling mode and still allow the capability for dehumidification without a call for cooling. Many applications can benefit from this technology including schools, restaurants, and churches, which have a high degree of variable occupancy. Additionally, supermarkets and health clubs can benefit because high humidity levels may cause inefficient operation of refrigeration systems and propagate the growth of mold and mildew.

Using a simple space thermostat and humidistat input, the Humidi-MiZer system changes the refrigerant flow by adjusting the position of the refrigerant solenoid valves. There are three modes of operation: normal, sub-cooling and hot gas reheat. For units with two refrigerant circuits, each circuit can operate in each of the three modes independently, giving the unit the flexibility to satisfy space temperature and humidity loads.


Carrier SAV­™


The new Carrier Staged Air Volume SAV™ System saves energy and installation time by utilizing a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to automatically adjust the indoor fan motor speed in sequence with the units cooling, heating and ventilation operation. The Carrier SAV system offers over a 25% increase in efficiency and can help reduce operating costs. The System is also compliant with ASHRAE 90.1 standards.



Carrier Energyx ERV System

energyxCarrier’s EnergyX energy recovery system is a factory integrated and tested ERV that provides an AHRI 1060-certified rotary energy wheel. EnergyX holds and transfers energy from the exhaust air stream to improve energy savings and increase ventilation. Using building exhaust air as a heat source, it has been designed to pre-condition the outside air prior to entering the rooftop unit. The system provides latent and sensible energy exchange between the outside ventilation air and the building exhaust air. Compliant to ASHRAE Standard 90.1, this preconditioning of air allows for higher operating efficiency, increased comfort control, and potential downsizing of the base rooftop unit while also meeting ASHRAE Standard 62.1 ventilation requirements.

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