Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

Variable Refrigerant Flow, or VRF technology is an innovative indoor comfort system designed to provide superior zoning flexibility. VRF systems can connect up to 40 indoor units to a single outdoor condensing unit. Each indoor unit can

Carrier VRF System

Carrier VRF System

be independently controlled by varying the refrigerant flow and, in doing so, varying capacity delivered to each zone- making it one of the most effective and efficient systems available.

The System also allows fan coil units connected to the same outdoor unit to independently cool and heat through the use of a heat recovery system. The result is a remarkably efficient performance that minimizes energy loss and makes optimal use of zone-specific temperature control.

VRF Systems also save on space! Because there is no need to install large and bulky air distribution fans, water pumps, or large piping, VRF systems can operate in a smaller space. Additionally, VRF solutions are a turn-key solution which do not require a dedicated maintenance room or service shafts. This further frees up valuable spaces on buildings where the unit is installed.

Less space means easier installation and operation. Contact a VRF Dealer today and find out how we Carrier’s VRF units can aid your enterprise in yielding long term efficiency, operations, and reliability.




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